Mainland carles in a satellite view...
Mainland carles in a satellite view...

The town of Carles is 146 kilometers away from Iloilo City, the provincial capital.  It is the farthest northeastern town of the Province of Iloilo (it is located in the northeastern tip of Panay Island).  Going to Carles would mean to some as a something to bear or put up with.

Aside from its distance from the provincial capital, people always laugh when they hear that the name of the town is CARLES (when pronounced, its sounds literally means "no car"). Truly, Carles was in scarcity of land transportation a decade ago, but due to improved road network that homonym is now a myth.

In the 40's it would take eight (8) hours more or less to travel by passenger bus from Carles to Iloilo City.  At present, it takes barely three hours. Passenger jeepneys make a trip to Balasan (the nearest town, 13 kilometers away) and back every 15 minutes interval. A bus company have a regular trip to Iloilo and vice versa every hour.  Vans also transport passengers to and from the remotest barangays. 


            Iloilo to Carles (Bus)          Php 190 (aircon)

                                                            Php 170 (non aircon)

            Travel Time (Iloilo to Carles) 4 hours by Bus

                                                            2 hrs and a half by private vehicle

 To the Islands:

                        Estancia to Gigantes Php 100 (1 hr and a half depending on the weather condition. rough seas would entail                                                   longer travel time)

                        Estancia to Sicogon Php 65 (30 min travel time)



                        Bancal, Carles to Gigantes travel time in 45 min to 1 hour(Boat hire -round trip is Php 3000.00 minimun of 10 person/boat)

                        Bancal, Carles to Sicogon Island is 30 to 45 minutes (Boat Hire -round trip is Php 2500.00, minimum of 10 person/boat)



Carles Relief Map
Carles Relief Map